About us

About us!

We are a young & dynamic company, founded
in 2018 and available for every project of
yours since. Your ventures are our highest
priorities, in order to ensure your goods are
delivered at the right place on time.

Founding in 2018

With longstanding experience in multiple large
logistics companies Thorsten Koch & Patrick
Siffel decided it was time to found their own
business, to focus on aspects which usually fall
under the radar for larger companies, such as
direct and open client communication.

Thorsten Koch

Business Experience:

Thorsten Koch successfully finished his
apprenticeship to become a Freight Forwarder
and took it a step further and later specialized
in becoming a Logistics and Traffic Economist

After finishing his apprenticeship with a large
Freight Forwarding company in Osnabrueck he
continued to gain valuable experience in
logistic services, with a focus on overland
transports, Sea- and Airfreight. Enhancing his
skills with work in warehouse logistics and
changing companies to another logistics
company in Osnabrueck.

Specialist for:

Networking globally and finding the right
partners for a successful supply chain is his
key focus. With over 25 years of experience
and training he has accomplished to be
certified as an AEO for multiple companies. With the knowledge, network and experience
to match he is our lead expert on highly
complex logistical demands, ensuring that
every shipment will simply be on time at the
right place.

Patrick Siffel

Business Experience:

Patrick’s career began similarly in a large
Freight Forwarding Company, training in
multiple aspects of the logistical world.

Complementing his successful apprenticeship,
he certified for multiple Logistics and Traffic
Economist degrees and continued gaining
experience with several freight forwarding
companies with a focus on Sea- & Airfreight.

Specialised in:

His specialization for OS-Overseas lies in
customs procedures, Warehouse control and
Sea freight

The skills required for the highly complex
customs and global Sea freight industry were
acquired in jobs with high volume
international transports from oversized
machines down to the simplest packages.
Everything can be shipped – and Patrick knows

Thorsten Koch

Patrick Siffel

Our Certifications


Since the 7th July, 2018, shortly after founding
OS-Overseas & Services GmbH we joined up as
a Member of IATA CASS!

This certification means that we are part of
the International Air Transport Association
and being a CASS member allows us to
simplify and secure invoicing in international
air transports by being the contact and
partner of airlines, benefitting you directly
with short information chains and high


On the 1st April, 2019 we received the official
Certification as an AEO-C Company, allowing
us simplified procedures with Import goods
leading to easier transport handlings.