What is Airfreight?

You need urgent shipping and are running out
of time?

You require fast and secure transport?

That is airfreight

As an accredited IATA CASS – Forwarder we
have instant access to all notable airlines. We
can move all your goods, from puzzle pieces to
oversized machines to every country on earth!
This is where we find the right balance
between costs and lead time!

Our possibilities span from: Door to Door,
Direct Services, Consolidation, Charter, On
Board Couriers, Dangerous Goods, Project
Procurement, L/C Management and many

Also, we do consult on airworthy packaging to
ensure that your goods arrive in a secure

Thorsten Koch

Patrick Siffel


What is Sea freight?

Sea Freight is the transportation of goods per
Seaway. The usual way would be Ocean
Liners, packed with Containers, shipping to
the Sea Ports all over the globe.

Did you know that approx. 152 Mio. TEU (=20´ Containers)are shipped annually? That
the largest Ocean vessels can fit up to 24.000
TEU? These vessels are the main carriers on
the spine of the world’s industries, making
their way between Europe and Asia.

This is seafreight


We are your experts in all matters of
seafreight, be it export or import. With our
direct contacts to all known carriers we offer
you endless options, to ship your goods the
right way.

We handle Full Containers, smallest parcels
and anything in between and move your
goods on time to where you need them.


Seafreight is our specialty – with decades of
experience comes the assurance that your
goods will be taken care of. You can trust
them to be shipped our way – the right way.