What is consulting?

Consulting as part of shipping or logistical
supply chains offers many instances of refining
your processes. Large Optimizations are part
of many companies internal supply chain and
manner of import handling.
Adding to that is the packaging type –
optimizing here is a key to saving weight,
volume and finally money when transporting
your wares.

Thorsten Koch

Patrick Siffel

Our services!

After consulting and discussing personally, we
are able to offer individually tailored solutions
to your orders, streamlining each process.

Letter of Credit

Part of our services is supporting you in
handling sensitive shipments shipped
internationally with the help of “Letter of
Credits” – be it handling or creating them.

Flow of Goods

If you have questions pertaining to certain
goods for countries with a more sensitive
import customs process? We can support and
provide information in a clear, concise manner
to help you ship your goods on time in any
country of your choosing.

Warehouse Projects

With our partnerships we can enable storage
of any goods in an optimal manner all over the
globe if any delays due to your supplier occur.
We advise on case-by-case basis, as there is no
one-size-fits-all solution – only the right one
for your individual transport to keep costs
controlled and still retain all the flexibility you