What are Import Duties?

In a world full of international transports,
customs are part of the due process. But every
country, every type of goods has their own
customs tariff associated.

On top of that, one needs to differ between
customs bound and duty free transportation.
An example would be the “Schengen”-Area of
the EU where no duties are incurred for
international transportation.

There are two types of customs: Export and Import – we are happy to support in all
capacities to ensure that your goods are
moved without issues from customs.

Import Duties

What are Import Duties?
Import duties are charges raised for goods,
capital and services rendered. Import duties
are noted as: Import customs duties, Taxes
and other duties, especially consumption tax
and Value added Tax.

Our Services

Next to import clearance for inbound
shipments to Germany we can offer customs
procedures in near enough all countries in the
world thanks to our globe-spanning
partnerships. Classifying your goods and
matching the HS Codes is part of our services.

We look forward to supporting your
international endeavours with our experience!
In case of any questions, we are at your

Thorsten Koch

Patrick Siffel

Export Clearance

What is export clearance?

There are many steps necessary to ensure a
seamless international transport. The main
point is to find the most efficient way to clear
the requirements set forth by the customs
office and present the necessary documents in
a clear and correct manner.

Our Services

You require support when exporting your
goods? You are looking for solutions to
facilitate the necessary documents for export

Our experience and knowledge is at your
disposal to ensure smooth sailing through the
export customs process. We are able to offer
full export document creation so you can
concentrate on your export business, knowing
customs will not be a problem.